Jenny craig


i am not happy w jenny craig. i gained more wight then when i didnt use it.

it was expensive and i am not happy. been living in wyoming for years and took me long time to find a program i find one and its awful

i am going to use a diff program now bc i dont want to keep gaining wight and this doesnt work

i hope i can find a new prgram that works and i can save moneyt after i lose the wight i wanna lose. god bless and i hope someone can help me. thanks

Reason of review: Not as described.



You were on the Weight Watchers forum also complaining about gaining weight with them TOO!!! Admit it, you're just eating yourself to DEATH & not wanting to do any work to lose the weight!!

People like you do NOT want to change cause you're TOO lazy!

How are TWO separate companies not working for you??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!


It's impossible to gain weight on a low calorie program like JC if you're actually following it like you should be. Sounds to me like somebody was eating off plan.

I was 200 lbs when I went there and I lost every single week because I didn't cheat.

I was honest with myself and my counsellor and therefore, I LOST WEIGHT! Just do what you're supposed to do and you won't gain.